💭 After Hours...

Here are some side projects I'm proud of. Some are from when I was in undergrad, first tinkering around with how in the world code, design, and research works —  I used to spend hours deep in the rabbit hole building random things that (most times) wouldn't see the light of day. Other projects on this list are larger in scale and have been impactful to not only myself, but others around me.

I spent a good amount of my last two years at UC Davis building the first interaction design community on campus, Design Interactive. We had seen a growing need on campus for human-centered design and user experience opportunities for students venturing into this field; it was evident there was a desire for project-based work and UX education for students outside the classroom.

In 2020, our first semester started with 25 members. Now, the organization has grown to over 200+ students involved, has become one of the primer professional student organizations on campus, and has brought community to like-minded UX students taking their first steps in their professional journeys.

Read more about the impact DI has had on our students on our instagram page at @davisdesigninteractive ↗.





During my last year at Salesforce, I took on additional scope in helping manage and lead a Research Mentorship Program within our 100+ Research & Insights Team at Salesforce. This program aimed to match junior researchers with more senior researchers to help foster career growth and development as well as bring connectedness to the team during a new age of remote work.

In August 2021, we were one of 14 winning teams recognized out of 351 nominations across the entire Technology, Marketing & Product (TMP) organization for our contribution to this Research & Insights Mentorship Program. As a part of this internal employee recognition award (Astro Award), winning teams were acknowledged at the Technology, Marketing & Product (TMP) All-Hands to the entire TMP org & C-suite executives, including the Chief Product Officer.



A web information visualization and timeline of the ever-changing dynamics of the Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation — see how the past few decades of growing culture has facilitated not only an digital divide, but also, a growing economical and societal divide.




An linguistic analysis into Spam SMS Text and Spam Email corpora data to compare and contrast the differences and similarities in spam messages between those two mediums. With initial hypotheses that there are recognizable differences between spam SMS and spam email messages, this research further dives into this topic through analyzing the most common words, sentiment analysis, and speech tagging. 



After my first tech internship in undergrad, I wished I had sought out such opportunities while I was in high school. It can be hard for high schoolers to know where to start searching (the recruiting process is daunting!) and now with the advent on many design job boards for college-level students, I thought to myself — why aren't there job boards for high schoolers wanting to intern as well? Here's a first crack at that problem. (PS: it's not functional, but the idea is there!)